High Speed Docking
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(Product application and advantages )


(Products are suitable for data centers,telecommunications, aviation, aerospace and defense, as well as industrial areas )

High Speed Docking传输10Gbps高速信号



This is not a definitive list of applications for this product. It represents some of the more common uses.


产品优点有如下几点 (The advantages of the product are as follows)


The products belong to the high density device, which gathers power, high speed signal and own guide pin as integration connector


1.2金属外壳件可以提供屏蔽功能,实现低串扰和静电放电 (EDS) 接地

The metal housing provides Provide shielding for low crosstalk and electrostatic discharge (EDS) grounding



The use of type Insert-molded terminals provides a robust and reliable contact interface



Terminal design long and short pin, support hot-pluggable applications


1.5在器件的底盖中额外增加接地引脚和卡柱,在 10Gbps 时可减少 30% 的串扰和回波损耗

Additional ground pin and standoffs  are added to the bottom cover of the device to reduces cross-talk and return loss by 30% at 10Gbps



Supports next-generation system performance upgrades.




alePCB Layout

Female PCB Layout 



SI性能 (SI performance)

本测试报告描述了OUPIIN HS-DOCKING连接器的SI测试环境及测试结果,主要包括连接器的阻抗、插损与回损、近端串扰、远端串扰等电气性能指标。

This report describes the OUPIIN HS-DOCKING connector SI characteristic, including test environment ,test results ect. The report reflects the connector impedance, insertion loss and return loss,crosstalk and other electrical properties of proximal.


测试环境(Test Environment)

   1、测试仪器(Test Instrument)

   VNAROHDE&SCHWARZZVA50 (4-Port) Vector Network Analyzer     10MHz~50GHz

   TDRROHDE&SCHWARZZVAB-K2 Time domain(software license)

   Test Board9117&9118connector test board


   2、测试系统描述(Test boarddescription)

  测试板如下图所示The test board is shown in the following diagram:

   Use Panasonic Megtron-6 material



High Speed Docking Connector (P/N)



The product categories belong to the parallel plate docking device, circuit number current 108pin and 144pin two,can provide design flexibility of the signal, using a metal casing for differential and single ended applications to create a high-speed docking connector system. This type of fully shielded connector has excellent contact design, and the use of crimping pins at the PCB interface provides different levels of interpolation (first / later). The high speed connector system with low insertion force, guide characteristics, various height and offset ability inserted standard coplanar or reverse coplanar range, so it is PCB (TAB) to the PCB board (motherboard) ideal for applications.


该产品类别属于平行板对接器件,目前的回路数有108pin144pin两种,可以提供差分信号的设计灵活性,使用金属外壳可为差分和单端应用创建一个高速的对接连接器系统。这类完全屏蔽的连接器拥有出色的触点设计,在PCB 接口使用压接针,可提供不同等级的插配方式(先接/后断)。该高速对接连接器系统具备低插入力、引导特性、多种偏移高度和插配标准共面或反向共面方位的能力,使其成为PCB(选项卡)到PCB 中板(主板)应用的理想之选。