QSFP+ 14
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(Product application and advantages )

Switches, servers, and routers
Wireless Base Station
Testing and measuring equipment
Storage and optical transmission


产品优点有如下几点 (The advantages of the product are as follows)
1.1在一个接口中提供 4 个通道
    Provide 4 channels in an interface

1.2满足 10 Gbps 以太网和 14 Gbps IB 要求 (FDR)
   Meet 10 Gbps Ethernet and 14 Gbps IB requirements (FDR)

1.3密度为 SFP+ 和 XFP 的 3 至 4 倍
3 to 4 times the density of SFP+ and XFP

1.4使用 38P SMT 连接器
 Use 38P SMT connector




SI性能 (SI performance)
本测试报告描述了OUPIIN QSFP+连接器的SI测试环境及测试结果,主要包括连接器的阻抗、插损与回损、近端串扰、远端串扰等电气性能指标。
This report describes the OUPIIN QSFP+ connector SI characteristic, including test environment ,test results ect. The report reflects the connector impedance, insertion loss and return loss, crosstalk and other electrical properties of proximal.


测试环境(Test Environment)
1、测试仪器(Test Instrument)
VNA:ROHDE&SCHWARZ ZVA50 (4-Port) Vector Network Analyzer 10MHz~50GHz
TDR:ROHDE&SCHWARZ ZVAB-K2 Time domain(software license)
Test Board:8953 connector test board
2、测试系统描述(Test board description)
Use Panasonic Megtron-6 material

QSFP+ Connector (P/N)

QSFP+ Cage (P/N)

总结(Summary )
 OUPIIN’s QSFP/QSFP+ interconnect products are designed in line with industry standards and adjustable proportions, which can provide the highest 56 Gbps data rate, which is designed to meet your current and future requirements. A single pluggable interface can contain four data transmission channels, and with the flexibility of the entire QSFP product mix, the channel data transmission speed can be easily upgraded from 10 Gbps NRZ to 14 Gbps NRZ and 56 Gbps PAM-4. Each channel can transmit data at a speed of 10 to 56 Gbps, The density of these interconnect products is 4 times that of SFP products. QSFP product portfolio includes single, linked and stacked shell, and offers many kinds of light pipe, frame base and radiator options.
OUPIIN的 QSFP/QSFP+ 互连产品采用符合行业标准且可调整比例的设计,能够提供最高 56 Gbps 的数据速率,旨在满足您当前与未来的要求。 单个可插拔接口中可包含四个数据传输通道,并且借助整个 QSFP 产品组合的灵活性,信道数据传输速度可从 10 Gbps NRZ 轻松升级至 14 Gbps NRZ 和 56 Gbps PAM-4。每个通道能够以 10 至 56 Gbps 的速度传输数据,这些互连产品的密度是 SFP 产品的 4 倍,QSFP 产品组合包含具有单个、联动和堆叠结构的壳体,并提供多种光管、边框底座和散热器选项。