Low Profile Hybrid Power Connectors
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Card Edge电源+信号连接器,沉板式类型大大降低高度空间.

Low Profile Hybrid Power Connectors

(Product application and advantages )

(Products are suitable for Workstations, Industrial Controllers,Power Supplies ,Routers and Switches etc. )

This is not a definitive list of applications for this product. It represents some of the more common uses.
产品优点有如下几点 (The advantages of the product are as follows)

1.1产品可与 OUPIIN 标准 LPH 插头或行业标准 1.60 毫米印刷电路板金手指卡相插配。
The  product can be matched with the OUPIIN standard LPH plug or the industry standard 1.6mm printed circuit gold finger side

1.2 产品采用沉入PCB板中形式,从而可显著减小产品在机盒内上下空间
The product is submergence of the PCB, which can significantly reduce the product’s
upper and lower space in the shell.

Current interruption rating,in line with hot pluggable requirements.

The contact point of signal and power supply is strong and durable, which can effectively reduce the possibility of being touched or damaged.

1.5每个外壳隔间(顶端和底端)内设有两个独立电源刀片,可令一个隔间内同时设有电源和返回电路,每个电源架提供 60.0A 的总电流.
Each shell compartment (top and bottom end) is equipped with two independent power blades,which provide a power supply and return circuit in one compartment, and each power rack provides the total current of 60A.

通流测试 Current Rating Test




Low Profile Hybrid Power Receptacle (P/N)


总结(Summary )
The connector product is a hybrid, high current power supply and signal connector system, which can effectively make up for the shortcomings of the traditional connector. Because of the design of power supply blades parallel to the circuit board, it’s very low, allowing larger system air flow to pass. Compared with the traditional connector with the same rated current, it can reduce most of the occupied space.

作为新一代电源互连产品,每个外壳隔间内设有两个独立电源刀片,可进行共面方向的插配。    Low Profile Hybrid Power Receptacle可在传统的两片式连接器系统中进行插配,或用作连接板侧边/母线应用的单件式插座。
As a new generation of power interconnect products, each shell has two independent power supply blades, which can be inserted in the coplanar direction. Low Profile Hybrid Power Receptacle can be inserted in the traditional two piece connector system, or it can be used as a single piece socket for side panel / busbar application.