High speed board to board connector
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(Product application and advantages )


(The product is suitable for high frequency and high speed signal transimission system facilities)


For example, servers, mobile 5G networks, etc.


This is not a definitive list of applications for this product. It represents some of the more common uses.



产品优点有如下几点 (The advantages of the product are as follows)

 1.1性能:高达9.5 GHz / 19 Gbps  

    Performance: Up to 9.5 GHz / 19 Gbps



   Optimized for 100 ohm systems



Integral ground/power plane



Stack height: 5.00-25.00 mm



Contacts: 60-150 pairs



Ground pin rating current: 25A/Pin







SI性能 (SI performance)

本测试报告描述了OUPIIN High Speed Board to Board 连接器的SI测试环境及测试结果,主要包括连接器的阻抗、插损与回损、近端串扰、远端串扰等电气性能指标。

This report describes the OUPIIN High Speed Board to Board connector SI characteristic, including test environment ,test results ect. The report reflects the connector impedance, insertion loss and return loss, crosstalk and other electrical properties of proximal.




测试环境(Test Environment)

1、测试仪器(Test Instrument)

VNAROHDE&SCHWARZ ZVA50 (4-Port) Vector Network Analyzer 10MHz~50GHz

TDRROHDE&SCHWARZ ZVAB-K2 Time domain(software license)

Test Board2384 connector test board

2、测试系统描述(Test board description)

Use Panasonic Megtron-6 material







总结(Summary )


A button-plate type high-speed BTB connector can transmit 25A current through the middle ground pin. This connector can have a variety of overlay heights. At present, there are multiple choices of 5 to 25 mm, which can meet the different needs of customers.